Yet more Regatta photos…

Photos by David McLean


More Regatta photos

Photos by Syd Lawson


Regatta photos

Photos by Clarkie

2012 Regatta Official race results

 Scott Expedition Seagull Outboard Motor Race 1 (2 laps of harbour)

1st – Grant Jefcoate (Alexandra)

2nd – Dennis Kestila (Port Chalmers)

3rd – Graeme Clark & Chris Jones (Oamaru)


Sumpter Sailing Race (one lap of harbour)

1st– Sara Plunkett & Chris Mosedale (Oamaru)

2nd –Geoff King (Oamaru)

Scott Expedition Seagull Outboard Motor Race 2 (2 laps of harbour)

1st – Grant Jefcoate (Alexandra)

2nd – Dennis Kestila (Port Chalmers)

3rd – Graeme Clark & Chris Jones (Oamaru)


Optimist Sailing Race (2 laps of harbour)

1st – Jarvis Cross (Oamaru)

2nd – Ethan Wilson (Oamaru)

3rd – Ray Meech (Oamaru)


Open Class Sailing Race (2 laps of  harbour)

1st– Kevin Murdoch (Oamaru)

2nd– Graham Thorn (Oamaru)

3rd – Donal Ferguson & Mike Harris (Oamaru)

4th – Sara Plunkett & Chris Mosedale (Oamaru)


The Inaugural Friendly Bay Cardboard Boat Race

1st equal – Charlie Mosedale (Oamaru)

–    Quinn & Oriana Plunkett (Oamaru)

The Great British Seagull Outboard Motor Endurance Race

(3 laps of the harbour)

1st– Grant Jefcoate (Alexandra)

2nd-Roger Routledge (Oamaru)

3rd-Dennis Kestila (Port Chalmers)

4th – Graeme Clark (Oamaru)

5th – Will Murray (Kakanui)

Classic Uffa Fox designed Flying 15 relaunched in Oamaru!

Photos by Daniel Tippet. Crew: Chris Gourlie, Austen McMillan, John Baster and Mike Harris.

Regatta Poster!!

Cheers Andy!

Well it looks like the 2012 Harbour Regatta is going to be a big day!

We’ll be starting at 10am with the official re-opening by the Mayor of
the historic Signal Hut, which has been restored and installed at the
top of the boat ramps near the Yacht & Powerboat Club.

The focus will then move to Friendly Bay, with the first Seagull
Outboard Motor race starting at 11am, followed by a variety of
sailing, rowing, and outboard motor races throughout the afternoon,
with novelty races and beach activities happening at the same time.

There will be bands playing during the day, and food and coffee will
be available. There will also be a boat-themed car-boot sale/swap
meet. Bring a picnic.

The Grand Finale of the afternoon will be the Port FM Birdman
Competition at Holmes Wharf from 3pm – get your wings on!

We’ll be publishing a race schedule in the next few weeks, but if you have any questions just email me. Volunteers on the day are essential, so if you would like to help out please let us know, or just turn up at the Tyne St Boatshed on the morning.

See you there,